Air Dry Clay

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A beautifully soft and pliable air dry clay, this product works beautifully with IOD Decor Moulds. None Toxic. Contains Wood pulp, Volume 14.1 oz Weight 14.92 oz. IOD Air dry clay holds fine details for casting with IOD Moulds. Expect a small amount of shrinkage and cracking when dry. Great for that Vintage look and feel.Keep sealed while not in use and store in a cool area. This is artist grade clay not craft grade.

IOD Clay is a very light neutral color almost white. Be sure you place into an air tight zip lock bag after you open your air dry clay. I place a damp folded paper towel in the bag for added moisture. I don't leave it for long and try to use it up as soon as possible after opening. IOD Clay opens up all kinds of options in your creative projects. I truly love using this product.

IOD Clay is wonderful for Furniture Artists, Crafters, Artists, Christmas Ornaments, DIY Home Decor projects and much more. So many ways to use this amazing air dry clay. Be sure to check out IOD TV on face book and the You tube channel to learn more ways to use IOD Air Dry Clay

IOD Clay is simply the best.